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Collaborating at Work


Do you want to take the first steps toward a career in tech?  We are here to support your journey.

The time is now: Women + Tech

Women, and specifically mothers, possess many in-demand job skills without even knowing it. 

  • We are good communicators, prioritize amidst chaos, and know how to work collaboratively. 

  • We are some of the hardest working and most ambitious. 

  • We have the power, talent, and ability to drive generational change and improve the future.   

At Tech Spark, we'll support you in landing your first job in tech. We'll help get you ready with a mix of technical know-how and soft skills, while supporting you in finding an in-demand tech role.   We target rapidly growing fields, such as cybersecurity and project management, to ensure you are positioned well for career growth.  As part of our work, we want to improve representation and close pay gaps.  Let's get you set up for success!

Let's make a difference, together.

Step into a fast-growing sector to improve your career trajectory and help close the representation and pay gaps.


Of tech-related jobs are filled by women, while 58% of women participate in the workforce.


Amount a woman working full-time makes for every $1 a man makes


Jobs in Tech will be open by 2026 with no qualified worker

Start your journey

Let's find your first tech role.

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